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When you build your dream home, we understand how you want it to look the best and the way you imagined it to be. At Premier Brick Mason Greenville, we believe that you deserve the service of a professional and skilled masonry contractor to achieve this dream. Let our experts get the job done at the highest quality craftsmanship and workmanship. From general brick masonry and masonry repair to tuckpointing, patio pavers, and driveway pavers, we perform all the stunning bricklaying work that your house or commercial building needs.

We serve homeowners and business owners in Greenville, SC and nearby areas. For our top-quality masonry services, we provide competitive pricing. Allow us to make the personalized touches that you desire for your house so you can call it your home sweet home. Plus, our excellent work will surely result in adding value to your property. Call us today to learn more about our top masonry services!

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Curved round brick wall on an outdoor patio

Retaining Wall

Comfortable chairs on an outdoor brick patio

Patio pavers

Colorful cobblestone road pavement and lawn divided by a concrete curb. Backlight.

Driveway pavers

Mail box in the united states

Brick mailbox

four chimneys with individual ladders on the roof

Masonry Repair

Worker building brick wall in old barn

Brick Veneer Installation

Close up of industrial bricklayer installing bricks on construction site

Tuck Pointing

At Premier Brick Mason Greenville, we have a diverse residential and commercial brick masonry work.  We make sure that you can come to one place for all your masonry construction, installation, and repair needs. We take into account your specifications and recommend the best based on our expertise and experience in the business. At the end of the day, we want you to be satisfied with our work. To give you a background on what we offer, here are our masonry services:

Retaining Wall, Greenville, SC

A retaining wall works by laterally supporting or holding a soil mass on two sides and at different levels. This structure should then be strong enough to serve its purpose. You can avail of this service when you have a yard that has a sloped section. We will create a retaining wall that will strongly hold one spot and not let it run off into the other part. We will make it look pleasing and stable enough to stand runoff dirt as well as excessive water pressure. Our expert brick mason will build you any type of retaining wall, stone or brick, for your home or business. 

stone retaining wall enclosing patio area

Patio Pavers, Greenville, SC

Patio pavers

Outdoor patios provide a place for the family to bond as well as enhance the value of your home. You need a well-built and beautiful patio for small gatherings and even big parties. For restaurants, shops, and other business establishments, a patio can also be a great addition to your building giving your clients a lovely space to hang. Our commercial masonry includes professional and skilled paving services. Whether brick or stone patio construction, you can rely on Premier Brick Mason Greenville. Our professional masons will help you decide what is best for your concept and property.    

Driveway Pavers, Greenville, SC

Welcome your guests with a polished, sturdy, and long-lasting driveway. Let them notice how your beautiful home matches the quality of your driveway. Not only that, but it also feels good to enter your own home with the view of a perfect driveway. Unlike other homeowners, you should not neglect this part of your outdoor. Instead, allow us to make it as special as the other parts of your home. For high-quality driveway brick pavers, come to us and we will serve your paving needs. We will make sure that it is not only beautiful on the outside but also well-constructed on the inside that it will last for a long time and be very valuable for your property.  

Driveway pavers

Brick Mailbox, Greenville, SC

Brick mailbox

Instead of always replacing your rusty metal or cheap plastic mailbox, have a brick mailbox that is built to last. This is resistant to weather conditions as well as mischievous kids and adults alike. We also offer brick mortar repair for your damaged mailbox in case you already have one that survived decades but sustained some damage. Come to us for any concerns about your brick mailbox. Our excellent masonry work will definitely improve your façade. We are the best brick mason in Greenville that can bring you a durable and aesthetic brick mailbox.

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Masonry Repair, Greenville, SC

When you recently bought a house or a commercial building with masonry repair needs, Premier Brick Mason Greenville can handle them for you. We can restore your home and make it how you want it to look. Our diverse masonry repair services include chimney masonry repair, mortar joint repair, brick mortar repair, and brick crack repair. After we provide you our repair services, it will be as if we constructed a new structure for you, the way you want it, better, and will last long. Contact us now for your questions.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation, Greenville, SC

Brick Veneer installation

Have a timeless stone and brick design in your home. Our expert brick masons can install and repair brick veneers that will last for decades. Either for a residential or commercial building’s interior walls, fireplaces, or black plashes, we can make it happen for you. Let our thin brick veneer installers turn your home interior into a masterpiece. You will not regret coming to us.

Tuck Pointing, Greenville, SC

Tuck pointing is a restoration process for your damaged mortar joints. This is often performed with brick repointing which is about replacing damaged or old mortar with a new one. We provide both services with utmost dedication and artistry. More importantly, attention to detail is important in this job and it is what we never neglect. We are the best brick mason contractor in Greenville that offers the best tuck pointing and brick repointing craftsmanship.

Tuck Pointing

What does a brick mason do?

A brick mason builds walls, fences, walkways, buildings, and other structures using bricks, marble, granite, concrete blocks, natural stones, and man-made stones. Brick masonry also includes repairing or replacing old structures in order to retain its structural integrity. They do not just literally lay these materials but brick masons read blueprints and drawings to calculate the required materials, design patterns and accurately resize materials to fit the structure. They have a varied and diverse role that requires specialization and skill.

To ensure that your building is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and structurally sound, your brick mason contractor should make precise measurements, lay materials without errors, and build according to plans. After completing the structure, the brick mason needs to polish the surfaces and finish the job with artistry and skill.

It is clear that the masonry work is not easy. It is not simply about laying bricks and stones but more about creating beautiful, durable, and top-class structures. Also, for most, this means that you are hiring a brick mason who assists you in realizing your dream home or building the foundation of your business. That is why it is important to trust only the experts in the field. You are lucky to have the best brick masonry contractor in your area.

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Premier Brick Mason Greenville is a masonry contractor that specializes in a wide variety of brick mason work. When it comes to your residential or commercial building, we believe that you should have the best of everything. From materials, designs, and actual masonry work or repair, our masonry experts will give you exactly what you want and need. Our years of experience in the business and our dedication to high standards guide us in delivering only the best brick masonry work.

We want you to enter your home with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment when we finish constructing your haven. That is why we try to provide the necessary services in completing your investment. From patio pavers, brick mailbox, and tucking point to retaining wall, brick veneer installation, and driveway pavers, we provide quality craftsmanship in all our services. Get to know more about what we can do to renovate your home.

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At Premier Brick Mason Greenville, we treat every project like our own. We will give you aesthetics and functionality at the same time. Our brick mason experts will provide extra time to keep our customers happy and satisfied. We will make sure that we deliver high-quality brick masonry and masonry repair every time at a competitive price.

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