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Masonry Contractors, Mauldin SC

Brick masonry is long been known to be a trusted durable construction material. Combined with modern developments, building your home with this material would be a great idea. Allow Premier Brick Mason Greenville to help bring your dream home to life with the timeless beauty of brick masonry. Trust that our brick masons are certified, trained, and experienced in all general masonry as well as masonry repair services. We will help make your interior walls, chimney, façade, outdoor kitchen, and fireplace durable and aesthetic.  

We serve homeowners and business owners in Mauldin and the nearby areas with high-quality craftsmanship and workmanship.

Our Services

Curved round brick wall on an outdoor patio

Retaining Wall

Comfortable chairs on an outdoor brick patio

Patio pavers

Colorful cobblestone road pavement and lawn divided by a concrete curb. Backlight.

Driveway pavers

Mail box in the united states

Brick mailbox

four chimneys with individual ladders on the roof

Masonry Repair

Worker building brick wall in old barn

Brick Veneer Installation

Close up of industrial bricklayer installing bricks on construction site

Tuck Pointing

Top-Class Masonry Contractor in Mauldin, SC

We have a diverse brick masonry service because we want our clients to have a one-stop-shop for all their masonry needs. Our masonry contractors will get the job done according to your specifications while applying their expertise. We specialize in the following services:

Retaining Wall, Mauldin, SC

Your property may be located on a slope and that is not a problem. We are experts in installing a strong, resilient, and aesthetic retaining wall. If you already have one and wish to have it repaired, we are here to bring you the best brick wall repair services.

stone retaining wall enclosing patio area

Patio pavers, Mauldin, SC

Patio pavers

Your outdoor space could be a cozy patio and we can help transform it. Our brick pavers will install the patio flooring that matches your design. Parties and family gatherings will be more special with a patio that is personalized and made to resemble your home’s coziness.

Driveway pavers, Mauldin, SC

While the driveway may be the most exposed and used flooring in the house, we can help make it last longer with the best brick pavers. We will build your driveway pavers that can resist harsh weather conditions and more aesthetic. This will ultimately transform your façade.

Driveway pavers

Brick mailbox, Mauldin, SC

Brick mailbox

It is time to choose a mailbox that will not be easily destroyed by playful kids and bad weather. A brick mailbox is a smart choice not only because of its obvious durability that is needed for your letters but also its aesthetic quality.

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Masonry Repair, Mauldin, SC

You can depend on our brick masons for all your masonry repair needs. We make it a point that your brick masonry is repaired and restored to its functionality and beauty that is even better than ever. We are experts in brick fireplace repair, chimney repair, brick wall repair, and more.

Masonry Repair

Brick Veneer Installation, Mauldin, SC

Brick Veneer installation

Our brick veneer installation services apply to both natural and synthetic stone panels and brick tiles. Experience the timeless effect of brick veneer in your home design, whether in your façade, fireplace, or interior walls.

Tuck Pointing, Mauldin, SC

For your tuckpointing and repointing requirements, we are the experts you need. Allow us to restore the elegance and functionality of your brickwork at a very competitive price.

Tuck Pointing

Premier Brick Mason Services is in Your Range

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