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You probably noticed a crack in your brick wall, chimney, or fireplace and thought that it was just a little damage that you can ignore. While hairline cracks may be common, contact us about the more prominent cracks, patterned cracks like stair-shaped cracks, horizontal cracks, those located above doors and window openings, at the bottom or corners of the walls because these cracks may mean something else.

Brickwork Problems

Cracked brickwork may look and mean differently based on their location and type of damage. Worse, these can indicate the possibility of structural damage. It may mean that your house has a foundation problem which is the worse. Also, if cracks are not repaired, these will later make your house prone to mold, and water damages or the cracks may cause the deterioration of wall ties. Other brickwork damages include damp patches on the brick wall, loose plaster, staining, white powder deposit on your brickwork, and deep cracks due to tree roots. Causes also vary as well as the methods to resolve these problems.

These may seem complicated. But with Premier Brick Mason Greenville, we can determine and let you understand what the damage means and what brick repair method could fix this. Do not worry because we are experts in masonry repair. We will not only improve the appearance but we will also restore the durability of your home’s brickwork.

Your All-Around Masonry Repair Expert in Greenville

From masonry construction or installation and masonry repair to masonry restoration, you can depend on us. Our brick masons are certified and experts in performing all kinds of masonry repair, from general masonry repair to more complicated ones, such as chimney repair, mortar repair, brick wall repair, and fireplace brick repair.

Natural disasters like earthquakes may crack, strain, or deteriorate bricks and mortar joints of the brickwork in your home or commercial building. While these causes are normal, the resulting damage may affect the functionality and appearance of your brickwork. That is why it is important to immediately come to brick masons like us. We are your all-around masonry repair contractor in Greenville and nearby areas.

Just like other homeowners and business owners that we served, allow us to take a look at your brickwork and make the necessary repairs so that your home will be restored to its functionality and you will have peace of mind. More importantly, fixing your brickwork needs will not worsen the problem. We recommend that you must not delay the repair needs.

Once you notice cracks that are bigger than hairline cracks, molding, or any damage, call our experts to immediately solve the problem. We will use the highest standard materials and apply the best methods to help you.

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From chimney repair and brick mortar repair to fireplace brick repair and brick wall repair, come to us for all your masonry repair needs. We are the masonry contractor that specializes in brick masonry repair and masonry restoration in your area.  

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