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When your residential or commercial property is on a slope, a retaining wall is the most important part of your landscapes that will essentially hold this heavy soil in place. As the wall cuts the slope and supports it, you can utilize the sloping terrain more functionally as well as aesthetically. So you can either have retaining walls so your landscape, lawn, or garden will look amazing or just to provide extra structural support on your property. We can also make the necessary repair to your cracked, damaged, or leaning retaining wall.

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You need a team that can provide you with strong, durable, and reliable retaining walls. This wall will hold the soil as well as excessive water pressure. You are lucky to have Premier Brick Mason Greenville near you. We are the masonry contractors who are an expert in installing and repair both brick and stone retaining walls.

When we build your brick or stone retaining wall, we will make sure that there will be no imperfections. Our stone and brick retaining walls always have the right composition. These will not be too stiff to crack or break down easily. We will take into account your design ideas and incorporate our masonry expertise to keep it durable. With the experience of our brick masons, you are sure to have that strong, sturdy, and aesthetic wall at the same time.

Top-Class Brick Wall Repair

Weather conditions and the normal passage of time may get the best of your retaining wall. It may sustain cracks or some damage from natural causes like soil misshaping or tree roots damage. Other factors that contribute to its damage include having saturated backfill, a reinforcement that is not in the right position, weak foundation, and nonfunctional weep holes. If you notice that your wall is beginning to lean, you may have a problem as well.

No worries because our expert masonry contractors are here to provide you with excellent stone or brick wall repair. We understand how these damages happen and how these can be remedied. Once our brick mason inspects your property, we will determine the best solution to repair your wall. We will gladly discuss with you our chosen method and plans. More importantly, we will make sure that you will have a better, more durable retaining wall.

To avoid making the problem worse, let us know whatever you think is affecting the structure of your retaining wall and we will gladly help you.

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Our brick masons know how important it is that this wall should withstand bad weather conditions and the test of time. From high standard materials to experienced, professional, and skilled contractors, we will provide you with the service you deserve as soon as you need it at a competitive price. 

We can build your retaining walls from scratch or repair your existing damaged walls. Ask our expert brick masons about any questions regarding masonry work and we will gladly serve your needs. 

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