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If you have brick features on your home, you probably know that these add value and appeal to your property. A fireplace can make your living room cozy and an interior brick wall can add a vintage look and can be decorative to the entire design. But at some point, especially with time, weather conditions, and excessive water, the mortar joints may be damaged. Moisture can weaken the mortar joints and affect the look and functionality of the brickwork. In this situation, you need the processes referred to as tuck pointing and brick repointing. These will restore the quality, functionality, and aesthetics of your brickwork.

For all your masonry restoration needs, trust Premier Brick Mason Greenville. We are the experts you need to bring your brick walls, chimney, and fireplace back to life.

What is tuck pointing?

Tuck pointing and brick repointing are two related masonry repair processes and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Tuck pointing is a masonry process where two different colors of the same pigment as the color of the bricks are used. The one that resembles the color of the bricks is used to restore the bricks, while the other color of the same pigment but quite contrasting is applied in the joints as fine lines to mimic the look of rubbed bricks. On the one hand, brick repointing replaces the old and damaged mortar with a new one. But essentially, the two are performed to repair and restore your brickwork because once a brick mason repointed the bricks; tuck pointing is performed to fix the overall look and make it more durable.

Our expert brick masons will repair your damaged masonry joints. It is important to emphasize that in the process, we will clean the old mortar and make sure that no new residue is left. Then we will replace it with new and better mortar. Lastly, we will finish it with superior tuck pointing for the aristocratic look and functionality that your brickwork deserves.

Together, tuckpointing and repointing is a crucial procedure in preserving the life of your brickwork. Especially for chimneys that are more exposed with water and harsh conditions than your other brickworks inside your house, this masonry restoration process is necessary. It is a cost-effective means to restore the functionality of your chimney.

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Our team of expert brick masons will provide you with the best tuck pointing and repointing service in Greenville. We make it a point that we serve both homeowners and business owners with excellent masonry repair work.

At Premier Brick Mason Greenville, we will assign you the best brick mason contractor for your particular service. No worries because all our masons are skilled, trained, and specialists on the type of masonry work they are assigned to.

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